Have you ever asked yourself how you can stay full of God at all times? Not just abounding once in a while, but overflowing continuously?

The secret to staying full of Him is that whenever you get a blessing from God, give it away as soon as it gets to your door. If you hoard the blessing for yourself, it may turn into a spiritual dry rot as the manna did when it was hoarded. (Exodus 16:4, 17-20)

God will never let you hang on to a blessing just for yourself, for as you give it away it will multiply like the five loaves and two fish. There were even 12 baskets of food left over. (Luke 9:16-17)

One way of exploding His blessing around us is to pour out our heart in worship. There should always be plenty of time to worship Him. Never be in a hurry, for we need to pitch our tent as close to Him as possible. No matter how busy we may be or how noisy it is all around us, for worship, work and waiting can operate together hand in hand.

Where have you pitched your tent today? Close to Him? Or do you just journey into His presence, receive His blessing, and drive away until your gas tank is empty again?

When you keep giving away what He has given you, He will take your basket, will press on it to make more room, shake it so all the blessings will clump together to make more room, and  fill your vessel till it is overflowing. That is staying full of God. What more do you need? Keep the blessing for yourself? Never!

Pitch your tent in Bethel (House of God) and you will be where He is–a place of fullness.

Below we have a picture of a nurse who received healing from God Now she is giving healing away and restores the wounded and broken hearted. She goes from patient to patient and never tires, for she is being refreshed by refreshing others.


caring with compassion (4) - Copy

I hear Jesus say, “Do not keep the blessings I pour out for yourself, for they are meant to be given away and planted in the gardens of the needy, so they themselves will have fruit to give away. If you bury the treasures I give you, your life will become meaningless and empty; but if you disperse Me, the greatest blessing of all, your life will stay full of Me.”





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