Have you ever felt that there was no end to your physical sufferings?

It seems that some people are blessed with vibrant health, while others seem to always struggle, sometimes fight to survive.

We don’t understand why this is, but we do know that God formed us in our mother’s belly and was there while we were “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Every cell was watched over as it was being formed. (Psalm 139-my favorite)

It gives me hope when I run across Scriptures like, “By your endurance you will save your life.” (Luke 21:19) Many times- not always- the process of learning not to reveal our sickness to the world, but quietly trust Him and wait patiently for Him to take charge of the situation forms tremendous favor with the Lord. It pleases Him when you trust Him, for “Without faith it is impossible to please Him.” So many people have their own opinion about your “stuff” and want to advise you while God just plainly wants you to “hang in there” and trust Him with the situation till He comes through. In Luke 21:19 we read that through endurance you will save your life. Endurance makes us patient and tough. the NIV says ” Stand firm and win.”

However, I must say that if you feel you need the doctor’s advice on your situation you must feel free to do so. But…I am quick to say that their opinion is to be weighed on God’s scale and not theirs. Having said that…the doctors many times know more than we do; sometimes less. Therefore, we need to bring our sickness before Him and be willing to do what He instructs us to do through our gut feeling, through His Word or through Him clearly leading you.

Someone I know was completely healed by standing on another scripture, one of my all-time favorites: “But if the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by His Spirit that dwelleth in you.”

This is what dictionary.com says about the word “quicken”: To make more rapid; accelerate; hasten, to give or restore vigor or activity to, stir up, rouse, or stimulate, to revive; restore life to: The spring rains quickened the earth.

There you have it! The Holy Spirit desires to pour out His healing rain on you and soak you in His Life. So…fatigue BE GONE, cancer BE GONE, disease BE GONE and leave this body right now!

Open your heart to Him and tell Him how hard it is to trust Him and confess it as doubt and ask Him to release the faith of God into your heart and soul and be healed in Jesus’ name.

Here we have a picture of a young lady standing in the river of God’s rain as she delights herself in the Creator of Life. I hear Jesus say,” As you soak yourself in Me and saturate yourself with My Presence you will gain life, health and My blessings. You have done all to stand. Now keep on standing just a bit longer as I will come through for You.”