Who do you think are the spiritually blind people?

Well of course…the people who don’t know God are the most spiritually blind, right?

Let’s see what the Bible has to say about that.

In Isaiah 42:19-20 we read: “Who in all the world is as blind as my own people, who are designed to be my messengers of truth? Who is so blind as my ‘dedicated one, the servant of the Lord’?  You see and understand what is right but won’t heed nor do it; you hear, but you won’t listen.”

Isaiah declares that it is God’s own people who can be the most blind, not the people who do not know Him personally.

What a wake-up call!

Have you ever clearly known and seen what God wants you to see, and yet…you go your own merry way doing what you think is right? Often we know that God wants us to be His servant but we go and do our own thing anyway. That is what makes us more blind than the unsaved who have not seen nor heard God speak to them.

I don’t know about you, but this humbles me to think that I can walk around in a stupor of darkness with blinders over my spiritual eyes and not see what God is up to…all because I want to do my own thing . Then we do not realize that He wants us to repent from our sin, because we are blind.

In the garden of Gethsemane Jesus, being deeply sorrowful over His servants’ actions, asked, “Could you not watch with Me for one hour?” The disciples were truly blinded by what Jesus was about to suffer and to do.

Are we able to watch with Him? Or are we blinded worse than the world that has never seen Him

“Oh, Lord Jesus, help us as Your people to know and see what You are doing in our own life and in the world, so we can truly be Your servants who are Your watchmen on the wall. Forgive us for our selfishness and seeing only what is right in our own eyes and not perceiving what You are doing. Rebuke our blindness and turn us into visionaries that can see Your glory.”


Below we have a picture of a struggling person who is pushing a heavy load uphill. This Christian is blinded to the fact that God’s hand is holding him all the way and is not alone in this battle.


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I hear Jesus say, “When you let Me open your eyes, you will see that your burdens will have no torment attached to them. Ask Me to open your spiritual eyes to see how much I love you and want to bless you to see my glory.”