Do you cringe when you hear someone gossip about your pastor, the pastor’s wife, or for that matter any one else? Have you ever talked about any body in a negative way? Does it make a knot in your stomach? Do you wonder why?


God has definite reasons for not tolerating negative talk about his shepherds. I have come to the conclusion that it is worse for us who participate in castigating the pastor, than for the pastors themselves. God is very jealous of His faithful servants and He often takes them through deep valleys that we know nothing about. Most pastors take their calling very seriously and some of us have actually no idea of the pressures they face, often on a daily basis, and yet these precious servants of God are taken by their own flock to the butcher block.


Jeremiah 3:15…..” And I will give you pastors according to Mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” NKJV. When you have a pastor who really cares, not only does he teach you, he prays for you and works hard to defend you from any type of attack. True…. now and then he might need to take his stick and nudge us on, but we will be the better for it.


Think of what can happen if you criticize one of His shepherds. Miriam, sister of Moses, was struck with leprosy because she blamed and denounced her brother, who was chosen by God to be the shepherd of Israel.


When the priests carried the ark ( the presence of God), the people had to keep their distance for one half mile. This was to show reverence for the ark and the priests. We need to have that same reverence for our shepherds who carry the presence of God.


Below we have a watercolor by yours truly and I hear the Lord say: ”It is My choice to protect you with the shepherds I place over you; they are my gift to the church. Cherish them, pray for them, obey and serve them with glad and thankful hearts, for through these vessels I am flowing living water to a thirsty people and it is through them you will grow and be established in your faith.”