Do you find it easy to propose suggestions or ideas to people when they are going through difficult times? It is very tempting to be an amateur providence for people, especially when you love them and see them suffering.


Is this the right time to give advice?

One of the most difficult lessons for us to learn, is to stop interfering with people when it is not the right time for them.  Advice may not be God’s order for them at that moment. We propose or advise when we may not have the right to say anything. Helping people out for the sake of relieving their burdens may cripple them and keep them from learning the lesson God had for them in their trial. It could  have the effect of teaching them to depend on your advice or opinions instead of seeking God about the situation.


Be rightly related to the Holy Spirit

You may ask yourself then, “When do I know it is His time and His way to advise?” God will reveal to us direct understanding of His Spirit through being rightly related to Him at all times, then His discernment will come through you for the blessing of the other person who needs to be touched by Him. Our aim is to consciously depend on Him at all times when it comes to giving advice and counsel.


Sometimes we need to leave people alone

One of the hardest things for us to do, is to see a person we care about suffering while we stand by helplessly. We see them go through pain and deep valleys and there is nothing we are allowed by God to do about it, but just leave them alone. This is especially difficult when it is our nature is to be a care giver. This is a time for us to step back into God and prayer. It is for the maturing of the other person as well as for ourselves.  Deep inside we should know that God allows the sifting in our loved ones, and we must realize that God is able to help them win the battles they face without our help.



Let Him carry you

We always come out on top when we trust  Him to carry our loved one’s burden to make the burden light. I hear Jesus say to us:” When you know you belong to me I will always carry you no matter where you are or how heavy the load. I will be your Adviser, so look only to me as your very source, for I will teach you my ways.”