Do you find it easy to serve God without a true vision, or work for God without a pure call?

Living this way, you will not be bothered by what God requires; common sense is your guide. You probably will also be more prosperous and successful in the world’s eyes. This practical way of serving God may become an opponent against abandonment to God, because that kind of “sensible” work is based on arguing how useful you can be to God.

However, once you have received a true call from God and He has commissioned you, there will be a driving force within you to do His bidding even when it surpasses all possibilities. Common sense will then fly out the window.

The true call of God on our life may also include resting in Him and seemingly not do anything to advance the Kingdom. We can witness that in the life of Paul who was separated for three years to be alone with God after his conversion.

If our life has not been gripped by His love-call we will count our own service important, time given to God precious, and our life will be dear to ourselves. Once we are seized by Him we refuse to use our energy for any purpose other than His. We then learn to rest in Him and let Him do the work through us; we cease to over-stress by performing the work on our own, and whether we amount to anything in the natural will fall by the wayside.

Below we have a picture of a priest blowing on the sjofar and calling the people to God.

blowing the sjofar as a wake up call

I hear Jesus say, “Before you were born My hand and My calling were on you to reach the nations. I have called you to love the people of the world in whatever condition they are. This can only be done through abiding in My deep love for you. I became a human so I could show you My love by dying for you. Now go out in that same love and conquer the nations for Me. This is My vision for you and you cannot do this in your own flesh.”

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