• Nurse, curse and rehearse

Have you ever been around people who nurse, curse and rehearse their problems? How does it make you feel? Do you think that they are captives of Jesus Christ or captive to their circumstances?

  • Can He reveal Himself to us?

We often have people ask us, “Why does not God reveal Himself to me?” It is not that He will not do that…it is that He cannot, simply because we are in His way, nursing, cursing and rehearsing the problems that have come our way.

  • Stop protecting yourself

As soon as we come to the point of knowing that we have no right to hang on to things and we stop protecting ourselves, God will see His own nature in us and come to the rescue.  As we give up all reasoning and hanging on to our own rights, He comes to free us–not always from the situation, but from the bondage to the situation. When we try to make Him respond to our reasoning we end up in darkness, depression and despair.

  • Not His blessings but….

Jesus is the only One Who can work redemption in us–not to our own discernment, but to humility in us. He so wants us to trust Him to the point that the only thing we want is not His blessing, not freedom from problems, but trust that He does all things right. Once we see and experience God this way at work in us we will never get into a panic about things that happen, because we are actually walking in trust with Him, Whom the world knows nothing about.

  • Rise up

So, instead of nursing,cursing or rehearsing an issue or difficult circumstance let’s rise up and trust God to handle our situation and surrender our issues to Him and leave them at His feet.


Here we have a picture of a defeated person who cannot seem to get on top of things. The fiery sword of the Spirit is over him, protecting and defending him in his sadness and sorrow. I hear Jesus say to him, “I am your Defender and I am protecting you with My sword and fire. Allow Me to open your eyes to see Me in every circumstance. Then you can walk in joy and freedom, for I am the lifter of your head.”