Do you sometimes feel undeserving of God’s grace and forgiveness?

I know I do.

During King Hezekiah’s reign visitors showed up who had not been following all the rules and regulations for Passover. When these people partook of the Passover meal anyway, God would destroy them for eating with unclean hearts. However, when King Hezekiah heard of the condition of these visitors, he interceded to God for them.

And guess what! God did not destroy them, but allowed them to enjoy and celebrate Passover. Mind you, all the people were so joyful that they decided to celebrate Passover for another week. The people began to confess their sin to the Lord and praised Him with loud, and I mean loud, music. They were filled with deep joy.

After the Passover celebration a massive campaign against idol worship evolved. The people who had partaken of Passover went out into the cities and tore down idol altars, shameful images and evil centers of worship. After that had been accomplished, these visitors went back to their own homes. My heart tells me that these visitors had changed from night to day and had been revived to the core. How encouraging for King Hezekiah, I am sure.

At this moment you may feel you are not “up to par” spiritually. You may feel you do not “deserve” His grace and peace. None of us deserves His grace, but He pours it out on us anyway, simply because of His love for us. Let me tell you, dear friend, there is always someone you can find (like Hezekiah) to pray with you and agree for your freedom. If not, then pray that God will send you someone. He loves you and sees your heart and wants to pour out His celebrating joy on your spirit.

His desire is for you to be free from any entanglement, be it the smallest and knaggiest sin. His desire is for you to run free and be strong, just like the picture below indicates.

I hear Jesus say, “My desire for you is to place My burden of freedom on you and free you from the seemingly smallest wrong-doing. Your spirit needs to run with My power and freedom. This is all because My love for you runs deeper than the oceans of this planet. I will place people in your life that have My Spirit and who can help you get to your destination.”



watercolor by marietta wright