Do you understand the eternal and incredible power we have in our covenant with God?
A covenant is actually the highest form of unity and commitment any two individuals can have. In bible times a covenant between individuals bound you together as partners and it signified that they had become one. Meaningful ceremonies were done to celebrate a covenant of unity. It was a lengthy and serious process and the highest expression of mutual agreement.

The covenants God makes with us are usually a series of divine initiatives on His part. Our part is to line ourselves up with His desires. The reason Noah was able to seemingly do the impossible, building an ark and collecting the animals, was that God partnered with Noah in a covenant and ultimately preserved the human race. Gen 6:19 “…but I will establish My covenant with you; and you shall enter the ark-you and your sons and your wife, and your son’s wife with you”.

When Noah survived in the ark it was not the ark he built that protected him; it was God who initiated covenant with His servant Noah. When Noah realized the reality of the covenant he had made with God, he could be at rest concerning whether the boat would survive the storm, his family would be taken care of, and how the animals would be brought into the ark. God made it all happen! The covenant would supply everything, for Noah knew the entire venture was God’s idea and not his own. He did not need to struggle and worry about the plans for his life. It is not our giftedness, our efforts, or our resourcefulness that make us productive; it is the covenant that He makes with us that gives us the assurance that He will do what He says. He somehow creates a “now” faith in us not a “someday faith. He is going to use me and do something meaningful through me” for He is an “ever present God ” and He desires to turn my head knowledge of what the word “covenant” means, into an immediate and living response. 

When God initiates a covenant with us He supplies an unalterable grace and faith within us to accomplish the requirements and the conditions that go along with the covenant. Many times we initiate and try to fulfill requirements that God did not include, and therefore God will withdraw His protection from us, for we are under our own supervision and not under His vision for us. There is a saying in Dutch that says; “ ieder vogeltje zingt naar zijn eigen bek “ meaning that every bird sings after the way he is “beaked “. In other words it sings his own song the way it was created to sing. God does not want us to sing our own song, He intends to have us sing or play the instrument in His orchestra and follow His tune-not our own. He is the director and He initiated us into His covenant where we can be a part of a beautiful orchestra each fulfilling our own God ordained position.

God is a covenant-making and a covenant keeping God, for the blood -covenant between the Father and the Son who presented His unblemished life to God in surrender and transferred all of mankind’s sin on Him as the perfect lamb, has the right to give us the power to keep His covenant with us. Then we will have no trouble keeping our end of the covenant-it will be easy and delightful and the task will never be too enormous or extensive.




Below we have a picture of a fruit picker who seems to be in overload carrying his basket. God wants you to know that when you enter into covenant with Him he will carry your burdens and you will never be overloaded under His load. His covenant with you is LOVE.