Are you one of those believers who rarely feel His passion, His love or His pleasure?

Most believers are so disconnected from the reality of God’s astonishing and lavish love for us that they miss out on the riches that they could experience in their everyday walk with Christ. They may pay Him a visit once or twice a week treating God like a business partner, an employer or possibly a distant friend-anything but a precious lover.

Maybe you believe like I used to believe; that as long as I was obedient to His commands, read the Bible, practiced my spiritual disciplines, and even shared the gospel with people, I could not expect to experience His passion, love or pleasure. I also used to put prayer in the category of my “sacrifice-I-make-for-God”, that was because I had a total misconception of who God really is.

When we are able to look into God’s heart, we can see that He is a God of deep emotions and passion, and He looks at us full of emotion like a father holding his newborn in his arms for the very first time, not being able to fathom the miracle of new birth-he can’t get over it. It is possible not to outgrow the thrill, the wonder the overwhelming certainty of being loved and enjoyed, just like a new born baby. It is the single experience all humans grope for and cling to in their relationship with God. Somehow you can know should all else fail, you have the most important thing-His undivided attention and love.

We have been designed to be His showpieces, with His DNA and are created to be a replicas of Jesus in this dark and very needy world. 1 John 4:17b….”as He is so are we in this world.” KJV


Even when things go wrong we somehow know that “ this too will pass”, and because of the heavy burden we carry we know that we are becoming stronger in His character and deep in our hearts we know we were born to fulfill His desire -to love Him and be loved by Him.


Author and Pastor, Mike Bickle said it well:” Mere knowledge of love makes life a little more bearable in the midst of the world’s madness, but feeling His love turns life into an utterly pleasurable adventure.”

I hear Jesus say: ”You are my chosen one, and you do not want to miss out on anything I am ready to pour out on you. You can trust Me, I knew and adored you before you were in your mother’s womb. I have chosen you to be a living fragrance as you reflect My love all around you.”

”You are like a rose allowing His fragrance to bless people all around you and you will never miss out on anything I have for you.”