Have you ever been afraid? Does it seem at times you can never overcome the deep relentless fear that grips you when things go wrong?

I used to be “fearless”, so people thought. Someone could challenge me to do the most daring, most impossible mission or undertaking and I would do it radically, and to the best of my ability while bursting with dread and full of fear. On the outside, I looked confident and sure of myself, on the inside I was dying the with fear of not being accepted and loved, consequently, I often did the unusual and the impossible to cover up my fear.

The leading and chief reason for my life of hidden fear, was that I was not connected to something or rather some One bigger than myself. I had to solve all my problems by myself and had no connection with God, even although I knew Him as my personal friend and Savior. Then He gradually and fiercely began to remove all the things that hindered my receiving His love into my life.

The Bible says that fear is torment. 1 John 4:18 in NKJV “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” Through understanding the Bible one begins to have their spirit enlightened that God is an affectionate God and He wants to be intimate with us. You can come to the point that you have no fear of people anymore- what they may say or think about you, because the Holy Spirit has conceived God’s love in your heart and your whole outlook on life is changed by knowing His tender affection for you.

We begin to realize that Jesus’ seemingly lack of response has nothing to do with His lack of love but has everything to do with the fulfillment of His purposes in our live. You begin to trust him explicitly, even when we must walk in darkness beyond the edge of our understanding.

We must not fear, but trust Him even for things that have not happened yet. Jesus pleads for us in harmony with God’s will. Then how is it that we still fear we are getting the raw deal in the end? Could it be because we do not know in the deepest part of our heart that He loves us without any restrictions and we do not think or know we fit into His plans?

Jesus wants to drive out every scrap and grain of fear and lasso us with His unequaled love and capture us for His very own.

We have a picture here of someone being lassoed with the fire of His love. I hear the Lord say:” Let me reel you in with My lasso of love. I will capture your heart and you will not be disappointed for I have many surprises for you.”