Do you ever feel like you are losing ground even though you know that you are in the will of God? It’s a scary feeling!

The great news is, that when you know you are in His will, you can even be in prison and still be successful. You may have the disappointments of a life time in your pilgrimage or ministry, have people misunderstand you and write you off, but you can still be successful in your heart, if loving Him and being loved by Him are your primary rewards. Nothing, absolutely nothing else matters, no matter how high the waves and how deep the pit-God is greater.

King David experienced a three year famine during his reign, but he hung on to God and did not lose faith, instead he prayed intensely, asking God if there was any particular reason why they were experiencing this trial.

The famine made David cling closer to God, he never lost ground. The God of Israel revealed the root issue of the famine which was an injustice king Saul had committed toward some innocent people while he was still alive. David rectified the situation, but never blamed the former king or judged him. David just made it right, never lost ground and God lifted the famine.

Below we have a person that is pushing a heavy load up hill. He never loses ground, but keeps on pushing his load up the hill until he gets to the top. A hand is holding him and giving him the strength to go on and finish the task. I hear the Lord say to you: “do not let the size of the task weaken you into giving up. Keep trusting, keep striving, and keep going on no matter whether there is anybody to help you. My loving strong arm is there to uphold you to complete the task ahead.”


This picture was drawn by 19 year old artist Sarah, during a training session.