Today we had a knock on our door. It was a young couple from the half-way house across the street from us. They had never visited our home before, but they asked if they could come in because they needed some prayer. My husband invited them in and we allowed them to pour out their hearts by making them feel wanted and” at home” in our hearts.


We just listened as they vented their frustrations and struggles. They even felt free to cry in front of us. I believe they instinctively knew they were loved and accepted. As we prayed with them the tears flowed freely, and we witnessed some healing as the Holy Spirit calmed and secured their hearts, giving them hope. What an awesome God we have!


We live in a dark and gloomy world and if we lose our light, how dark it will become around us. Moses received his light by spending time with God, and as He came down from the mountain there was no doubt in anybody that Moses had been with Jesus. Do you suppose there is any way to receive our light other than spending time with Him? Do you know of any person who shines with God’s light who does not spend time with Him on a daily and possibly hourly basis?


Below we have a picture of a light that shines in the darkness, drawn by a twelve-year-old artist in our church.




From this picture God wants you to know that for you to be a light that shines in your dark world, you need to come to Him first, for He is the Light of the world. I hear Him say, “I often place you in a dark place, not for you to walk in darkness, but for the purpose of giving life to the poor, weak and needy by the presence of My light in you. Spend time with Me and you will radiate My light wherever you are.”