Have you ever wondered why the Israelites wanted to go back to the leeks and garlic instead of enjoying the delicious foods God had planned for them?  God had promised them such a gorgeous and fruitful country for their inheritance, and yet they wanted to go back to their former miserable place of “comfort.” It is like driving an old clunker of a car and refusing someone’s offer for a brand new Cadillac. How brainless would that be?

I may have a better handle on why the Israelites felt “comfortable” with their discomfort now that I have had to face some new challenges.

I never realized how hard it would be to live in a home for 42 years, then pack up and move to a much more beautiful home and location. I figured that I would just pack up all our belongings and step into this gorgeous new place. Not so…

I found out it can be extremely hard to depart from the familiar, ingrained surroundings of your DNA.

While packing my belongings, I began to realize how much “junk-stuff” I had accumulated. What was I going to do with all my “possessions”? My huge outside garbage cans began to bulge and overflow. It began to look like a tornado was running through my house. I seemed to stumble over my own feet while encountering all my “bargains” I had dickered with people over.

I began to get irritated with myself as I saw huge dust bunnies, clumps of dirt behind every desk, closet, refrigerator and stove. I truly embarrassed myself and was surprised at my own uncleanness. Here I was supposed to be this clean Dutch person who turned out to be a messy housekeeper.

The location of our new house is only 15 minutes away, but it seemed like days away. God stepped into my chaos and began to point out some of the junk I had tolerated in my own life–nicely hidden and unnoticed garbage. Some of the “garbage” He revealed was my own “drive” to get things done in my time and my way while being irritated at the slowness of those around me who were willing to help others–just not as fast as I wanted or deemed fit. God revealed to me once again I had lost my rest in Him as the “dust bunnies” in my heart began to accumulate and began to look more threatening as the move of the house went on.

God exposed I had inherited this “drivenness” from my father and had opened myself up to his mindset by being critical of him for his driven personality. Does not the Bible say that with what measurement you measure it will come right back to you? (Mathew 7:1) Well, it came back to me big time!

On one of those trips back to the paint store about 45 minutes from my house  my daughter kindly confronted me with my drivennes and that it was taking me down. Don’t you just love that? A daughter who loves and respects her mom enough to confront her with her issues? wow! I confessed my sin and the sin of drivenness of my forefathers and father just like the prophets of old did. Praise God…the results were  tremendous; my heart and emotions became as calm as a sleeping baby. I am writing this three weeks later… still unpacking. At times I do not recognize myself. Is that really me who can just sit back and relax in the midst of heaping boxes, dishes I need but  are hidden underneath a pile of boxes and stuff that seems to have been lost in the move? Yep, it is me….calm as an ocean at set set. God is never driven except to love us and makes us like Him.

The comfortable familiar places of darkness have to surrender when He shines His spotlight on them. Out of that, God will make you flexible and bendable for His service. He gives you a rest that goes deeper than the deepest ocean. Believe it or not… you will be able to move the biggest mountains in your life when you surrender the familiar places that are of no use to God’s heart in you.

Below we have a comfortable old boot that is easy to come back to; it fits perfectly. I hear God say: “It is time to change your direction from your place of comfort to a new and refreshing place I have for you. Are you willing to let Me make it happen in your life, instead of allowing your old ways and habits to rule you? Places that are comfortable to you, but stand in the way of your growth. Let Me remove the grime of your past and let Me give you new shoes to run in places you have never dreamed of before.  I love you and I will never let you walk alone.”







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Brushed by God .

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Drawn by God

This devotional book has 52 short chapters and 176 pages. Each chapter starts with a question, has a biblical background scripture that is appropriate for the title of the chapter and then discusses the answer to that query through the eyes of the author’s vision of God. The chapter ends with a prophetic word from Jesus’ heart saying “I hear Jesus say…” Every chapter ends with a drawing by the author or an inspired artist who knows Jesus intimately.

The book will make you hungry to know more of  Who God is and answers questions like, “Does He really care about the small stuff in my life? How can I give Him first place when I feel like I am losing it and I feel He does not love me anymore? Do we need conflict in our life? What about generational blessings?  How far will He go with me? What about impossible situations? How do I ever attain to living a life that is bathed in God’s rest?”

The book also shares personal examples of how the author faced tremendous difficulties in her own life. How in her youth during the war in Holland they were hiding Jews right under the nose of the Nazis who occupied a castle next door. The pain she experienced in her broken youth when she felt like no-one even realized she was around. How God became her Father and her Mother when she herself was just a young mother, longing to be free from much bondage.

The book is based on spontaneous prophetic art and how God wants to speak to each one of us not only through His precious word, but through anything that comes our way

Spontaneous Prophetic art is practiced in some churches where the artist steps forward as the worship starts and asks God for a spontaneous picture for the congregation. After the worship, the artist explains the meaning of the picture and shares what she or he senses God wants to say to the people at that point in time.

Most of us have heard the maxim, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We may try a hundred word-related ways to comprehend a truth, but somehow, pictures engrave the heart. When the picture matches the words well, the reader is more deeply impacted.

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