Is it alright to be afraid?

We often hear a lot of religious comments that it is wrong, perhaps sinful, to be afraid or anxious. It certainly is not something God wants us to be troubled by for the rest of our lives. And He does tell us not to be anxious for anything.  So what is the real truth?

When Gideon looked down on the countless number of enemies he was to defeat with only three hundred men he was scared.  I am sure he was thinking, “What in heaven’s name am I doing fighting this multitude with just a trumpet, a clay pot and a torch? Have I gone mad? Did I really hear from God, or what?”

Father God saw his fear and calmed Gideon down by acknowledging his fear and telling him to take his servant (so he would not be alone) and listen to what the enemy was saying to each other below in the valley. Of course, we all can read the story in Judges 7. Gideon sneaked into the camp–can’t you just see him crawling on his hands and knees?  He overheard one soldier tell the other that he had a dream they all were going to be massacred by Gideon; how encouraging that must have been!

Perhaps you are like me…often afraid of the unknown and the known, just like my dad was afraid of his own shadow. But he could not (perhaps would not) trust the Lord. Psalm 53:6 says, “What time I am afraid I will trust in You.” There you go! That is the answer.

When you are consistently afraid and uptight about things and cannot let them go, it may be something that has been a stronghold in your family for generations. God wants to step in and say, “Trust in Me.” It is not a matter of fear…it is a matter of trust. Confess this generational stronghold and release His trust in you. You will be amazed at the freedom God may let loose in you. As a result, your children and grandchildren will be free agents for the Kingdom. How cool is that?

I hear Jesus say, “I know you are in conflicting and fearful circumstances and you are facing many giants. But, know this…“I love you and am carrying you in My arms as you face these obstacles. You can trust Me any time, any how and any where, for I am the captain of your ship and will not let you be disturbed by any wave of difficulty, for I love you. You can step out on the water and it will hold you for I am the one that is the Water of Life. I love you.”