Are you living in an impossible situation? Living with an unsaved and cruel husband? Living with pain you can hardly bear? Or perhaps you are under pressure from a boss who hates your God?


Obadiah a priest in charge of King Ahab’s household had to face enormous giants. The king hated Obadiah’s God. Ahab served and worshipped the idol of Baal. This king has been known to be the most wicked king in Israel and “ Oba” was in charge of the kings household. I am sure he over heard stuff going on in that family, with wicked Jezebel as the queen, that he would not want to repeat.


What an evil woman she turned out to be. In the midst of all this chaos, “Oba” was working hard for the kingdom, hiding 100 priests form Jezebel, who wanted to kill those godly men. That took some doing, plus, he found a way to feed them bread and water every day.   Maybe you are in an impossible situation like our friend “ Oba”. Perhaps you do not know which way to turn. I hear the Lord say:” Come”….. That’s all He requires of you-just come. That may mean you being able to release your heavy burdens to some One you can trust.















Above we have a picture of Jesus in His river of freedom. There is a little boy sitting on the side of the river. He is hesitating to come in. He is afraid. I hear the Lord whispering:” All you need to do is come”…..