Do you sometimes feel that you are not capable of much, let alone having a ministry or leading people into the kingdom of God?

Below we have a picture of a fruit-picker who feels rather inferior to ward people and those  who are highly educated and have a so called ” superior” position. Amos was one of these people, but God ……..

Amos 7:14-15  and Amos replied, “I am not really one of the prophets.  I do not come from a family of prophets.  I am just a herdsman and fruit picker.   But the Lord took me from caring for the flocks and told me ‘Go and prophecy to my people Israel.'”  (The Living Bible)

Picking Fruit

By vocation, Amos was “just” a shepherd and tended fig trees.  He felt inferior to the ones  who were anointed to be prophets, or born to the role.  Amos believed that he needed to be from a family of prophets or had to have had a special vision from God Himself in order to be a prophet. The Lord thought differently about that and told Amos in no uncertain terms that he was to go out and prophesy, and obediently, Amos did.  He prophesied that God’s people would be severely punished if they did not turn from their ways.

We often feel like Amos, like we have to be somebody special in order to be used by God to do prophetic art. Maybe we feel that

•we have not had enough training, or
•we need to go back to school to learn to draw better, or
•we must learn better how to speak in public, or
•we need more training in the realm of prophesying.

But, I believe if God opens a door for you, He will equip you accordingly and in His time.  Yes, we will have to learn to excel in our calling, but our lack of being equipped should not be the reason not to step out in faith.  It does not matter what position you find yourself in at this moment;  do not succumb to feelings of inferiority or fear.  Amos was not a coward;  instead, he stepped out and prophesied to Israel, and his words certainly were not prophecies of prosperity, but hard words of destruction and despair for Israel if they did not turn from their ways.

God has called you to be an over-comer in your giftings and He says that in no way will He fail you.  God wants you to be ready to discover the divine plans he has for you in prophetic art.  You may not be able to make heads or tails out of the design for your life He has, but ultimately, if you yield your abilities and disabilities to the great Artist, He will open up ways you can’t even conceive.  Our little “pea brains” cannot comprehend the people we may touch all over the world with our innocent little drawings;  prophetic art can reach deep into the hearts of very needy people and turn them around for life.

In September 2010, I was in the hospital with three blood clots. I had a wonderfully kind but firm lady doctor. As she examined me she asked what kind of work I did.  I answered rather sheepishly, “I am just an LPN.”  She then lifted her pretty head and looked directly at me with her black eyes and said, “No, no.  There is no such thing as ‘just’;  you are a nurse and should be proud of it.


I have a sense that many of us feel the same about our ability to do prophetic art.  We think, “I can draw just a little bit, and once in a while I hear from God.”  God replies, looking directly at you, “You are an artist that can do prophetic art, but you must trust me to increase that ability in you, so you can grow and blossom in My Kingdom.”