Did you know that when we accuse, criticize or judge a brother, we line ourselves up with the “accuser of the brethren”?


One of the primary jobs of satan is to accuse us day and night. He wants us to become like him by criticizing and judging our brothers or sisters. Very often, when we judge people we cannot see the flaws within ourselves because we seek no mercy for our own tainted hearts. It takes humility to discern our own pride and to deepen the knowledge of our own desperate need for grace.


Humility begins with refusing to hide from the condition of our own hearts; otherwise, we become hypocritical in our judging of others. When we love to judge, we make ourselves feel superior and above the other person. God’s intention for us is to save our brothers from their sin by believing in them and praying for them.


One act of His love to the accused can transform and warm his or her heart more than all the criticism we can muster up for them. Thus, we will have no time to judge, but we will take the time to love; for it is only His love that reveals insight in judgment. 1 John 4:16-17, NKJV “And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.”


It is also very important to note that those who listen to the judgment/gossip are just as guilty as those who speak it, for if we do not stop or intervene in this situation, we agree with what we hear. Our ears are holy; we cannot let our ears come in agreement with accusations of a brother or sister. It is our meekness and humility that will stand up against a false rumor and say, “No!” Criticism, gossip and judging all destroy the unity in a home, a church or working place, and we become narrow and small minded.


A humble man refuses to judge and perceives his own flaws, quickly dealing with the darkness of his own heart; therefore, judging is a part of his life that he begins to hate and forsake. Jesus said it well in Matt. 11:29, KJV “… learn of Me: for I am meek and lowly in heart.”


I pray we will learn our lessons well and quickly, keeping our eyes and ears on the One Who is the greatest example of humility, Who is filled with grace to love the hypocrites and double-minded people, instead of condemning them.


“The taller I grow in God, the more minute I become.” (MW)




We have a picture here of a man who is pure before his God and has stopped his ears from listening to “the accuser of the brethren.” The rain of His presence is falling on him, filling him with fire as the river of God flows through him to others.


This picture was drawn by our 19-year-old artist, Sarah.