What does it mean to you, to be abandoned to God? Is it a momentum of our own zeal to be surrendered and abandoned to God? How do we recognize this place of abandonment and how far do we have to go with Him for us to know we have reached a place of true abandonment?


This place of surrender is often a place of desolation, a place of groundwork, and has to do with the desperate drive of our heart that brings us deeper into God. When we are willing to be misunderstood and experience loneliness, like He did, but we are not willing to go with Him all the way to Calvary to pay the price of ceasing to exist for self, we are not willing to go all the way with Him. Out of a willingness to live that kind of life with Him we will experience peace and resurrection power. This resurrection power will reveal itself by our being more like Him and to being wholly His child.


Like Moses, who when he came down from mount Sinai, was not aware of the brilliance that shone from his face, so God will allow us not to be cognizant of our own radiance in this dark world. Moses’ personal life was readjusted to the life of God by spending time with Him on the mountain. When He brings us to the mountain top it is solely for the purpose of developing a deeper relationship with Him and to listen to the instructions from His word –not for us to have a joyful experience we later can brag on and have people admire us for.



When we are willing to go places with God and leave our own desires behind, He begins to invade us: He is not just a guest anymore, for He takes charge of our life and orders it into place, our part is to obey everything He reveals in us that does not line up with His plan. His invasion is like a tsunami overtaking, readjusting and drowning everything in sight that He deems necessary. It often is a cleansing tsunami that can devastate our personal life, while He allows all things we hold dear in life to be purified or taken into death: it is not always without pain and devastation as we allow Him to take us deeper still.


How far will you go with Him? As far as you desire, or as far as He desires? It is up to you. There are burdens placed on us by Him which are for a moment or a long time, perhaps burdens He does not intend to ever lift. He desires us to lift our burdens back on Him. Psalm 55:2 “ cast your burden on the Lord”… If we even try to carry the burdens in our own efforts the results will be overwhelmingly crushing, for we were not created to do so. We cannot fling the burdens off our shoulders in our own efforts, we must roll the burdens along with ourselves on to Him.


Do not ever disassociate yourself from your burden, meaning you must not separate, dodge or disengage yourself from the burden He orders us to carry alongside of Him. The moment you decide to carry the burden yourself you will be crushed, overcome and trampled by the archenemy of God, the devil himself.


It is a choice. How far are you willing to go with Him? As far as you are willing to let Him carry the burdens of your life with Him.


I hear the Lord say: “Come to me, come, let Me make your hardship and afflictions light. Hand them over to me for I was there before you were even touched by the burdens. Do not carry unnecessary hardships. I see the road you are walking on and the clouds that darken your life, but know I am in control of every sorrow and concern.”

Above we have a person who gave up carrying his own burdens and laid them down. The Holy Spirit then came to comfort him and God began to pour out His rainbow of blessings on him from heaven itself. I hear Jesus say: “ As you step into my direction I will come to you with open arms and not only carry your burdens, but I will carry you, for I bought you and you belong to me, my blessings are waiting to be poured out on you.”