How does adversity work for you? Have you come to the point you can endure and appreciate adversities in your life?

Job learned the secret of turning his adversity to a blessing when he began to pray for his “friends” who caused him nothing but grief and pain. “And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.” (Job 42:10 KJV)

I am sure that as much as Job hated being slandered, this defamation might have been the very thing that compelled him to come closer to his God and come to love his friends, who acted more like his enemies.

You see, when we accept Him as Lord, He not only gives us a new nature but also a new cross uniquely designed to kill–not to reform–our old nature. God wants that old nature dead, not held under control in order to better and improve.

As much as I hate being attacked in my body to the point I feel like falling into a heap of weariness, I am slowly beginning to realize that when I center myself on Him and pray for others who are sick, I will experience more freedom in my spirit. I come to believe that God will strengthen me for the task ahead. Deep in my heart I somehow know this sickness, too, will pass, either while here on earth or in the age to come.

Satan senses the sacredness and destiny of our lives, especially as we come to the nearing of the fulfillment of our task. He wants to quickly abort the work of God in us and through us. He endeavors to throw the most impossible situations in front of us to make us stumble and give up. The quicker we wake up to Satan’s plan, the faster we will become immune to his attacks, and the more we will focus on Him Who teaches us to intercede for those afflicted by the enemy.

Because of afflictions, His intentions for us are to become a tender fragrance of beauty and nourishment to those who are hungry to experience His presence.

How do afflictions work for you? It all depends on how you perceive them. They either make you bitter or better.

I hear the Lord say, “If you let afflictions work for you, they will become a benefit and not a hindrance in your life. A benefit to aid others in their walk, or a stumbling block to keep you staying in your place, or even regressing from where I have placed you. I am wooing you to come closer and let Me teach you My ways in enduring afflictions, the way I endured them.”

Above we have a boiling pot. The fires of affliction have been turned up so much so that the waters of His spirit are overflowing to others for refreshment to revive the thirsty people around you. I hear Jesus say:” You may feel the pressure of pain coming to a point in your life that you feel you cannot go on, but know that I have given you power to overcome. Stay close to me and hide under Me until this time of fire and pain is passed, for it will pass, My child.”