Hi, my name is Marietta Wright. I was born and raised in Holland and, in 1956, I emigrated to the United States when I was just a teenager of seventeen. I traveled by myself and ventured out to the new world of Canada, where people spoke a different language and had a very different culture from that of my birth country.

As a child, I had always been compelled by the world of art and music, but never had the chance fulfill those desires. Only in recent years, after a lifetime spent on Bible school, the professional world, marriage, raising two children, and becoming a grandmother, have I begun to see the longing of my heart become fulfilled: to be an artist in God’s Kingdom.

There are a number of Christian artists using their magnificent talents to glorify God. Some of them call their work prophetic art, as the work contains a message from God. Their art is inspired by Him, and it communicates His heart. Some of the work I’ve seen others produce is amazing fine art, often done in acrylic, on huge canvasses, produced over weeks or even months. Originals of these works frequently sell for multiple thousands of dollars.

My involvement in prophetic art started in 2005, when I was introduced to it by a young man named Fraser Scott, an intern from Scotland who worked in my local church for a year, who demonstrated a different art expression than the fine art I had seen done by others. Spontaneous prophetic art is faster, usually produced in 20 minutes or less: God’s heart for the moment, for a group of people or for an individual, portrayed in a picture which is representative of His words.

When Fraser’s internship ended, he asked if I would take his place, ministering in spontaneous prophetic art r church’s Sunday morning service. Initially, I was reluctant as I didn’t think I had what it took, but in short order, began to love my new-found ministry, and discovered that it was a perfect fit for me. These past five years, I have been working to grow the ministry, both in myself and in others.

During my years of teaching and training, I have longed for assistance: A book, a individual to help me teach, an expert, any teaching for myself and my fellow artists. I never found any materials on the subject. Indeed, there was absolutely nothing written about spontaneous prophetic art.

As I have taught locally and as I have traveled to teach others in Chile, Romania, Israel, and Scotland, there have been many people who want to learn to express prophetic art, either privately, or to bless those close to them, or so that prophetic art could be developed in their own church. Though attending a workshop at a conference to learn prophetic art is a useful experience, I soon discovered that students needed a resource to which they could refer, and from which they could learn and grow in their ministry expression. With God’s prompting, I began to keep notes, to study, and to search His heart as He led me through the development of this ministry. He made me understand that I could write a book about prophetic art, and provide for others what I could not find for myself.