Many times people will ask me how old does one have to be to do prophetic art? My answer is always the same…. “ There is no age limit” We have toddlers doing prophetic art as well as an eighty year old lady who revels in her prophetic art. After Annie ( not her real name) had gone through an introductory class in prophetic art she told me “I am looking at the whole world with different eyes and I see things in a totally different light. I am paying attention to colors, shapes, and how they are put together. The meaning of all of I see and hear is much deeper than before.” Annie went on to take more classes and as of today she is in a class of 5 students were we have prophetic art workshops every 4-5 weeks. The picture below shows her diligence in practicing.

Last year in the fall, the 4 and 5 year old children in our Sunday school class had an introduction to prophetic art and many of the kids drew pictures. The teacher asked one of the little guys what it was he was drawing and what God was saying through that drawing. His answer: “ Well, these are dolphins and they are very happy, and God wants you to be happy too.”

My point in sharing this with you is that in no way does God want us to hide our abilities, be they ever so small. We must not keep to ourselves what He means for us to share with others. In the story of the talents in Mathew we read that He gave one person five talents, the next person two talents and the third person just one talent. “To one he gave five talents of money, to another two talents, and to another one talent, each according to his ability.” Matthew 25:15 NIV

You may feel right now that you were only given one or may be even one half talent and you want to just keep it for your self and do nothing with it, but I challenge you to not hoard your talent, but gladly use it and give it away. In His tender kindness and mercy He steps in and will  multiply your abilities way beyond your thinking abilities.

God will never let you keep a spiritual blessings for yourself. It has to be given back to Him, He is the giver of your ability in the first place and when you give it back to Him He will bless others with your talent as well as multiply your abilities to give more. So do not pitch your tent for yourself, but open the door of your tent and give away what He gave you in the first place. Thus you give up the right to yourself and you begin to identify yourself with God’s interest in mankind.

What happened to the Israelites when they kept the mannah to themselves and hoarded it till the next day, they had received instructions to not keep it over night? The manna spoiled, became rotten and started to smell. I believe this is a sol-um warning for us to not hoard things for ourselves. Give away what you have and He will multiply your abilities in a way that will just suit you and no one else. He is a precious personal Savior.