Have you ever had God talk to you so clearly in such a way that you knew He was  intentionally trying to capture your attention?

I have to get my blood tested periodically.  For a recent trip to the lab, I wanted to be sure to be the first in line early in the morning, so I could go home and have a good breakfast, afterward.  At 6:45, I was pacing back and forth outside the lab, waiting for it to open.  As I fidgeted, I was conversing with my best friend, Jesus Himself.  I looked up and heard a fountain in the courtyard where I was waiting.  Gazing intensely at the running water I heard the Lord say, “Do you see that water? I am that water.  Do you see the sky?  I am the sky.  Do you see the tree?  I am the tree.  I am your food and drink, I am your blood, I am your health, I am that I am, and there is no one like Me.  I am your inheritance and birthright.”

We so often cry out for the things we think we cannot live without, things like a marriage,  finances, or healing.  It is not wrong to ask Him for what we need, but my God is so much bigger than all of those things put together.  He IS my health, He IS my food and drink;  He is the great I AM, our source.  He consistently urges us to look to and for Him instead of simply desiring His blessings.  His blessings are apt to make us look elsewhere.  We often become preoccupied with the things we want Him to do and often ask God to pour out His blessings on us, and all the while He is trying to say, “Look to Me, concentrate on me, I am the One you want.”  The rush of other things always tries to obscure our concentration on that which is most essential to our life:  to be hidden with Christ.  I believe God’s heart is cheered and refreshed by us wanting nothing and nobody else but Him. When that happens, He showers us with Himself and His blessings will break in on us and even overcome us.  His surprising power and blessing will break out on the right hand and the left.

I hear Him say, “If you make room for me to move on you in My time and My way, I will surprise you with the abundance of My presence.  When you have My Presence, you have everything you will ever need;  I will make you my trophy, my first prize, and show you off to the world.”

The picture below is of a first place trophy that God has waiting for you.  I hear the Lord say, “You are my first and highest prize.  You have put Me first and I will put you first in My kingdom.  You show My beauty to the world by wanting My Kingdom, first and foremost…  I love you for that.”