Have you ever seen a group of people who sobbed while the Word was read to them?

The people in Ezra’s day requested him to read the Word. He read the Bible from early morning till noon. They paid close attention and stood (the whole time) as Ezra was reading the scroll. When Ezra finished reading, the people started to sob, acknowledging their sin, the sins of their fathers and forefathers. Get a-hold of that!

Then Ezra (Ezra 8 and 9) told the people to stop crying, wipe their tears, and celebrate the sacredness of that day. They were encouraged to give gifts to the needy. Then with joyful hearts they celebrated God’s love for them. They also were really stirred with excitement because they could “hear and understand God’s Word.”  As a result, they began to separate themselves from their unsaved loved ones, sending their wives and children away because of all the heathen practices, such as idol worship, they had brought into their homes. Wow! What a change, all because the Word took hold of them.

How about you? Do you weep or tremble when the Word is read to you or when you read it for yourself?  Does the Word cause you to turn from ungodly situations, or perhaps the habits that are harmful in your life? This is what the Lord says, “These are the ones I look on with favor:  those who are humble and contrite in spirit and who tremble at My Word.” Isaiah 66:1-2

His Word causes us to praise Him without end. It is the Revealer of what makes us tick and also stumble. He is always true to His word…always. The Word is the Healer of our hearts, bodies and souls; yet we leave It sitting on the coffee table as a trophy. It just sits there, unmoved, yet It wants to move us to repent, and live an abundant life.

Once God opens our eyes and ears to “hear” and “do” the Word, we will never let It go: It becomes our greatest treasure–greater and more precious than life itself. Oh how I praise Him that He even magnifies His Word above His Name. (Psalm 138:2) Oh, my! Have you ever heard or read that before?

Many of us only open the Word when in church. Is that the only time He speaks to us? Or do we daily thirst for what He wants to reveal?  There are secrets between us and Him and “situations” that He wants to repair or heal. Let’s begin to ask the Lord to make us starve for His Word, for His Word sets the utmost captives free. It empties our bags full of sin and despair and It breaks the chains that hold us captive with a vengeance. It pours on us like rain coming down from heaven washing us clean breaking through our walls of self protection and fear. One word from His mouth can sustain us for weeks.

May we sob at His word.


I hear Jesus say, “I have a place of refuge, safety, freedom and deliverance prepared for you when you take Me at My word and believe in your heart. I have a new abode for you, a place where I can speak to you by My Spirit through My Word. When you are hungry for Me, I will satisfy you with My mouth through the words I desire to speak to you. Let My Spirit fill you with a longing for My Word that will continue to grow throughout eternity.”


His Word like a mighty river will brake through the dams we have built, so we can become a river to bless others.