Did you know that it is possible to persecute the Lord Jesus?

Saul, who later became Paul, persecuted and killed Christians thinking he was doing God a favor. When God stopped him in his tracks, He asked, “Saul, Saul, why do you continue to persecute Me [to harass and trouble and molest Me]…?” Acts 26:14 (Amplified)

Sometimes we are not aware (like Paul) that by the things we do and say to other people, we can actually hurt the Lord Jesus Himself.

Often it is just a look or a gesture of disapproval that can really hurt a person. Do you think this can affect how God feels?

I read of someone in an Asian country who recently was persecuted for being a Christian. It made me angry and upset about this terrible mistreatment. Can you imagine how Jesus felt when that precious person was tortured? He said in Zechariah 2:8: “…for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.” (KJV)

Yes, God feels persecuted and hurt when one of His children is mistreated or even misunderstood.

When we ourselves are unkind to others, the knowledge can hit home that it is Jesus Whom we have been persecuting–a most crushing revelation indeed!

May God give us grace to be tender and loving to His children no matter how difficult they may be at that moment in time; thus, we prevent ourselves from persecuting Jesus.


Maybe you have been hurt by other Christians and it feels like persecution. It may even seem like a whirlwind has turned your life upside down and the pieces are flying everywhere. God wants you to know that the pain you have experienced also hurts Him and does not go unnoticed.

The picture below shows a whirlwind attacking a house. Stuff flies around the house everywhere, yet the house is untouched.


I hear Jesus say, “My child, I am aware of all the injustice that has been thrown at you, the words spoken and unspoken. It may seem the enemy is winning, but I have seen every move that has been planned against you and every injustice hurled at you and it has grieved and caused Me pain. Therefore, I have vowed to protect you with My right arm of power–you will not be harmed. This, My promise and commitment, you must believe for yourself and for those whom you love.”









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