Do you ever ask yourself, “How in the world is God going to make this happen?”  Or, “How are you going to change this predicament, God?”  Or, “Where am I going to get the money to meet the needs of myself and my family?”

It sounds very pious and perhaps not very practical to say, “Trust in the Lord.”  At times, it sure looks like Jesus has nothing to “draw with”, nothing whereby He can supply our needs.  We often have  misgivings about Jesus’ abilities.  It is foreign to us that He can do what we cannot.  However, we impoverish Him by underestimating what He desires for us, therefore we struggle and grasp as we try to meet our own needs.  Indeed, the well of our incompleteness and incompetence is very deep.  The sooner we realize this, the swifter we turn to His inexhaustible well.

Jesus had been sitting by a well and was waiting for a special woman whom He wanted to bless with  “living water”. When Jesus offered to give her His water, she looked at Him and said, “You have nothing to draw with.” In other words, “You do not have what it takes to get into the well and supply me with water.”  She was reasoning with Jesus on a human level, thinking she had Him all figured out.  Instead, Jesus intended to bless her by eternal and life-changing means.

He desires for us to be satisfied with His living water, to never thirst again, rather then for us to have our temporary human thirst met.  He allows obstacles to come so we go to Him first rather than doing something human about the problem at our first hint of need.

I often have a bent to be like the woman at the well who questioned Jesus’ abilities.  In my own life, doubt in His abilities to perform the ultimate stem from my own inferiorities and fears.  I am attempting to more quickly come to the point of repentance and say, “Lord, I lack understanding and am unbelieving of Your capabilities in me.  How often I often underestimate Your power to reveal truth to me!  I am so sorry, would You forgive me?  I do want to believe in Your almighty power apart from my finite understanding, and the power to reveal Yourself to me, for You have the means to do anything that seems — and is — impossible in my life.  I trust You.  Let me drink from Your living water like the woman at the well who eventually understood and got hold of who You truly are, for she understood that You are the true and living One whom she could trust implicitly.”

We have a picture below of a hummingbird drinking nectar from a flower.  I sense the Lord is saying, “If you turn away from your own needs and turn to drink from me I will satisfy you eternally.  If I take care of the birds of the field, shall I not all the more feed you and clothe you with My covering and give you living water?  Let Me draw water from My well and satisfy you with My abundance.”