Do you think there is a place in God where nothing can defeat or destroy us? A place where we know that no devilish plot can wipe us out or devastate us?

Let me call attention to the fact that we do not need to have personal conflicts and trials in order to abide and continue in His presence. However, we do need to become more like Him, to hunger after Him, and to realize in the depths of our hearts that not only is He in love with us, but He also likes us and is delighted to be our Father God.

Personally, I have never known of any time that I enjoyed the presence of an earthly father who thought the world of me. It took many years for me to even vaguely comprehend the possibility of an earthly father’s love for his child, let alone the love of Father God. However, God was gracious. He gently unpeeled my protected and rebellious heart one day at a time, year after year. He came in with His truth and deliberately embraced me with a love so tender… I could not resist. He melted the icy heart within me  as I completely surrendered my fears and wounded emotions to Him.

He truly loaded me with His benefits and love, and I never have regretted giving my wounded heart to Him. There truly is no one who compels us with this kind of love but the Savior Himself. He relentlessly pursues us to become more and more like Him.

He often allows deep obstacles and trials, for they force us to change. It is like He’s making deep ruts of love into the road we’re on so we can travel in the path He has for us. The obstacles in our life can become classroom lessons toward change and learning to appropriate His coat of love and protection. The more we are transformed into Who He is, the more protection we have from the onslaughts of the enemy.

We cannot possibly travel this earthly journey without being changed from one state of perfection in Him to another. The sooner we recognize that we are in a fierce battle of relinquishing our earthly wants and wishes, the quicker we will learn to think like Him.

It is possible to grow in all aspects of our relationship with Him without obstacles along the way tearing us down, as we hunger and thirst after Him. This not only satisfies us, but He will be satisfied as well. But, it is possible to grow in times of dire need and stormy experiences with many obstacles, yet bear much fruit in spite of the cold winters, as we see in the picture below.

DSC00170I hear Jesus say, “Your land may seem barren and cold, and there seemingly may not be any fruit on your tree, and you may be in conflict, but know this….I love you and you are bearing fruit even if the circumstances are unbearably cold and dark. You are grafted into Me and you are mine.”








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