Do we have a right to ourselves?

Do you make people homesick for what you have?

We can never give a person what we have not found ourselves.

Last week I was rebuked by the simplicity my grandchildren have found–they just believe what God says and that’s the end of it. I am truly heart-sick for that kind of submission to God. My husband and I were spending time at the beach in California with my daughter and her three girls. Anybody who knows me perceives that I am a plant lover. As we were strolling along the beach boulevard, I just could not help but snip off a little sample once in a while of the gorgeous succulents that grow there along the streets. I take the little “guys” with me, sprout them and make plants of my very own; it is my hobby and it creates more life in my home.

The last morning of our delightful visit we were all having a marvelous time as we ate breakfast at our favorite place by the pier. We were all sad we had to depart from this heart-stirring ocean site. I was nursing one of my baby succulents I had snipped from the grounds minutes before when I heard my granddaughter say something like this, “When you take something from public property it is still called stealing.” Oops! I could have crawled in a hole and disappeared from the face of the earth. Amazing how God uses the outspokenness of a child. I pretended I had not heard a thing, but my heart was sent up the river.

Three days later I took the girls aside and asked for forgiveness for “stealing” the succulents. I promised them that next time before I submitted to my temptation I would ask somebody first before I “took” what did not belong to me.

We really have no right to ourselves to do as we please. The only right we have is to consecrate ourselves and our bodies to God. Romans 12:1 says that this is a reasonable thing to do.

Sometimes I am longing to be like a child–pure and humble. Jesus had His arms open wide to receive the children, and they were drawn to Him like a magnet. Does He draw you like that?

Below is a picture of Jesus opening His wounded hands to us and I hear Jesus say, “Come to Me with your heavy heart and I will lighten the burden. My desire is for you to live like a child and become the greatest in My kingdom, then you can give away what I implanted in you…My love and compassion for a lost world.”

wounded for You

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