Sometimes it is a very easy step to walk into salvation, basically because it is God’s sovereign work. He simply says “come to me and I will save you”, and we respond out of obedience.  However, discipleship is a different story as it  has an option with it. The option is that we have to yield our will to His and that means death to our desires, wants and wishes. God will not allow us to asks  permission of what we want to do or where He will send us. Every ambition we have that is outside His will He nips in the bud. Every desire of what we think is life will be quenched, and every selfish outlook we may have will be extinguished. When His call of discipleship is on us we must not put our foot in any other direction than His.

Some times we fool ourselves into thinking that we “ have forsaken all and we are following Him” until the Holy Spirit confronts us to let our own rights go. We often hang on tightly to our rights,  He then has to pry our hands open so we can let go of the rights that beset us. Once we let go, we then often have to walk on an unfamiliar path we are not used to and we need to choose not to replay the old familiar tapes in our brain and heart. Some times this is an hourly or even  a minute by minute process of not to go to our place of  comfort and refuge. This is a choice of whether we let Him grip us and lead us on to the path of life and abundance.  The price of surrender is big and deep, but the agony of this process is to be worthy of His name, and a life in abundance of fruit and love for who He is. The death of self in us will identify us with the death of everything that He died to.

Through this process of dying to self Jesus begins to dig up the rocky and hard ground in our hearts that cannot produce fruit.  He then gives us soft and tender hearts. Once His seed is sown into our inner being of tender ground we will produce a rich harvest.

We have a picture here of two hearts. One heart has rocky ground and God’s seeds will not penetrate into the hardened soil of the heart and the other heart has  tender and receptive ground with seeds that can germinate and bring forth a harvest. I hear God say;” my child it is only by my love that your heart becomes tender and soft. Let me dig up your foul and hardened heart so you can receive what I have for you, and then I will give you a bountiful harvest and you will be my disciple indeed”