Are you confronted with a choice every time you have to make a decision? Do you wonder what will happen if you make the wrong choice or choose some other alternative rather than God’s choice?

Picture a homeless child hiding in a corner trying to survive. You hand him a ticket for a wonderful vacation, inclusive of a stay at a hotel and as much food as he can consume. The child takes the ticket and stuffs his new found treasure in the corner of the large box where he sleeps at night, his shelter from the cold and wet. Instead of eating juicy hamburgers, french fries, yummy apple pie and ice-cream for desert, he just continues to dig in the trash and eat spoiled left over food people have discarded. He plays in the dirt, making mud pies and castles.


The boy was confronted with a decision to accept or reject a temporary life of abundance.


The pleasures of God include sitting at His banqueting table, eating from His delightful deliverance from the emptiness of this world, filling us with His contentment and peace.

God may have blessed you with abundance or with a very meager life. The way to be free from the domination of sin is to choose Him, by delighting in His Love and acceptance. There is nothing to compare with the wonder His smile of approval brings. He truly is the One who keeps your boat afloat.

Below we have a picture of a boat that is kept afloat by the powerful hand of Jesus. The ocean is ferocious but nothing can disturb this little vessel. Although it is just a tiny boat in the sight of people it is being held together by the ocean of His love and that is all that matters. I hear the Lord say:” Whether you just have a tiny boat or an ocean liner you still need my powerful hand of love to keep you afloat. Do not reject the best ticket I have for you and that is the ticket to an abundant and superior life.”

This picture was painted by Maggie our precious artist when she was just turning thirteen.