Have you ever had God deliver you out of a nearly fatal accident? Or saved you from an impossible situation? I sure have, and many times.


It was a hot summer day here in Arizona. Everybody was in and out of the stores as fast as they could go to avoid getting over heated or worse yet… a heat stroke. I had just unloaded my grocery cart and was about to hop into my car when in front of me flashed my favorite TV lady preacher saying: ”Don’t just leave the grocery cart for someone else to pick up…. you take it yourself to the holding place.” I wanted to scream at her. “ Well, you have no idea how hot it is here…You do it then!”

Of course my conscience bothered me, so I got out of the car, but instead of taking it to the holding place, I just aimed the cart for the holding place and gave that cart the biggest push I could muster; away went that grocery cart flying like a bullet…. careening straight toward the car next to the holding place! I saw what was happening, mumbled under my breath some not so nice words, and ran for all I was worth to keep the cart from crashing into that car.

At the last second when the cart was less than an inch away from the car I rescued the cart, took a deep breath and gently led the cart to its proper place. Yes, God did stop me in my tracks, woke me up and I stopped in the middle of the heat almost in a puddle of sweat and tears of gratefulness, praising my dear precious Savior, for once again rescuing me out of my pit.

My friend, He will be there for you every time. Sometimes He allows things to happen to us that can be devastating, yet He always has a purpose and a plan in it. The fruit that comes out of the squeezing we receive often bring a river of blessing to others who are going through a dry place in their life.

Below we have a vine that is being squeezed. From the vine flows precious juice that turns into a river on dry ground. I hear Jesus say: “As long as you stay within My plans for you I will cause the pain that you experience turn onto a fruitful land.”