Do you ever feel angry at God when things are very difficult or when there is a pain you cannot tolerate?


It is we who are in the wrong, not God. During those times there seems to be some perversity somewhere that we do not want to let go of. As long as we see things from two ends, ourselves and God, there will always be perplexity. Our attitude must be one of total reliance on God which can be a painful process, for that may mean giving up the idea of being right, or seeing things from our own perspective, not wanting to usurp the authority of the Holy Spirit for our own ends.


When we fully surrender, His unexplainable peace will be the witness and strength that makes us more like Jesus. Whenever that peace does not come, tarry until it does or find out what the obstruction is that has blocked the flow of peace from poring into your life.


Often my questions, and my anger at God come when I cease to obey, for most problems between me and my God spring up when I decide to carry my difficulties myself, instead of letting Him carry them alongside me while I just simply obey HimWhen I am in that place of sweet surrender, I know that my Father knows, and that is enough. I can then watch and see how He unravels my difficulties and weaves them into a showpiece for Him.


During this Christmas season we may with confidence step out,  next to His manger, being touched by the love of baby Jesus. Oh how He must love us for doing this!! He was willing to leave His place of beauty, ecstasy and splendor and come down to earth, a place of darkness and sin to rescue us from ourselves and make a place for us in glory, forever to be with Him. What a glorious Savior!