Do you ever ask yourself, “Am I of any use to God?”

It is never a question of being of use to God, but of being of value to God.

We often think of performing divine, colossal things which can be recorded in heaven and on earth, but God is much more interested in the small, simple human things. These give evidence to God that we are abandoned to Him. An example is Mary of Bethany who demonstrated total abandon by pouring her precious ointment over Jesus’ feet. This cost her a great deal, but her love was too great to be measured in monetary worth.

Every week I go to a Mexican food restaurant for a couple of hours to do prophetic art for the customers. Believe it or not, I sometimes get very intimidated approaching people. I ask them if I can paint a picture that may help them in their life’s journey. I have no idea if they even believe in  God, so I start getting fearful and want to run away. Many times I feel that God is nowhere around.

One of those times was when I made conversation with a man who seemed somewhat agitated while waiting in line to give his order. I approached him with very little faith in my heart while trying to be very kind to him. He very gladly accepted the invite for me to draw him a picture. After finishing the picture, I walked up to his table as he was finishing his meal and explained what I thought the interpretation of the picture was. He seemed blessed and I felt that God was in this whole presentation. I believed then that God did give me the right painting for him.  I went back to my easel and was drawing another picture for a new client when he walked up to me and said, “In the last twelve years I have never been so blessed as by your giving me that picture.” As you can imagine… that made my day.

“Am I of any use to God?” It is not a question of being of any use to God, but by genuinely loving Him and doing what He asks, even in the smallest gesture of faith.

When we are trying to be noticed by others or doing things to get God’s attention, He doesn’t desire to work through us. When we are abandoned to God alone, He works through us all the time.

When we just simply shine our light for Him, others will be drawn to us and they, too, will become abandoned to God. This makes us of great value to Him.




I hear Jesus say, “My blood was shed so you can shine. You are of great value to Me when you stay close to Me. I am the Light of the world and will penetrate every dark place in your life so that you can shine My Light to the smallest areas of the world.”









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