Is it difficult for you to let go of the old way of doing things and adopt a newer, possibly better way?

We had a darling car (if you can call a car ‘darling’) that had become my refuge. The moment I sat at the wheel she seemed to turn into my best friend, serving me joyfully and faithfully, becoming my sanctuary.  The Lord seemed to sit right beside me and we talked for hours as we traveled around to different places. However, she was getting old (ten years) and her frame began to weaken and squeak.

We found a beautiful new (to us) car with lots of stamina, and all the bells and whistles. I would truly enjoy the ride with my husband in this new car, but do you think I would relinquish my keys to my old friend and drive our new vehicle? No way. I felt I was cheating on her, until my husband announced he was going to sell the old lady and I’d better step into my new wheels.

I obeyed…and to my amazement I found this new car to be such a blessing and such a change for the better that I could hardly believe it. I was able to blast the music, turn the car on a dime and sit in total comfort like a millionaire’s daughter.

God has so much more for us if we would just let go of our mindsets, habits and old ways of hanging on to things. It is like being used to our old, comfortable shoes and not wanting the new shoes in which we can run better and faster and be more effective in His Kingdom.

The Jewish nation did not want to leave the ways of Egypt that they had known all their lives. They were in bondage and slavery to their food, habits and way of living. When God delivered them, He had to take them through some tough places; they were to utterly destroy the enemy or they would not get their inheritance.We must not stay comfortable in our own comfort, if we are to exceed our present situations.

We may have to go through some tough storms and be stretched and challenged before we actually step into the Promised Land He has for us. But, oh my friend, it is worth the risk to learn to know Him deeper in and through the process of change and growth. It is so worth it!

Below we have a comfortable pair of shoes that would be so easy to come back to, but God has some new shoes for us. Do not stay where you are; keep traveling in His shoes and He will take you to many new places.

I hear Jesus say, “Dare to take My hand and trust Me. I will take you to secret places where you have never been. I will reveal Myself to you in new and exciting ways. There is so much to be discovered, but you must let go of yesterday if you want to experience a new today.”

      do not be comfortable in your old ways





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