Marietta Wright is an exponent of and emissary for prophetic art. She has an apostolic calling to be sent here, near and far to any generation, culture and nation that would receive her. Anointed by the Holy Spirit to exercise and release prophetic giftedness in the medium of art she has been used profoundly to encourage and build up the Body of Christ.

Her ministry and prophetic art have deeply impacted me over the years, bringing encouragement, releasing faith, calling me out beyond myself and bringing a deep sense of comfort and assurance that the Holy Spirit was with me and that He knew me intimately.

Although I have only ever experienced Marietta’s ministry in a corporate environment, there have been occasions when the prophetic art seemed solely for me, as though I was the only person there. So profound and personally impacting have some of these prophetic pictures been, that they have become iconic images and markers in my spiritual journey.

But Marietta is a prophetic picture all of her own! She is a living example of the boy Andrew brought to Jesus (John 6:1-14) and how his portion for one fed thousands. Under the influence of the apostolic, she has simply presented what she had to her Master and watched Him take her offering and multiply it. Her artistic giftedness has been anointed by the Holy Spirit to release a ministry beyond her imaginings.

In the following ‘downloads from the heart of God’ you will see and read the revelation of the Holy Spirit manifest through an individual: and what you see is what you get! Marietta is open and transparent about her passion to seek after Jesus, but she is also equally real and authentic about her struggles on the journey.

I pray that you will be encouraged and blessed by what follows, that His glory will be revealed and that you find that some of these downloads seem to have been written and drawn solely for you!

Andrew Montgomery

Director Acts Ministries International Ireland