Have you ever had a dear Christian person give you a prophetic word that you knew was from God? He or she spoke truth about your future as if it was God Himself. Then when these spoken words came to pass, it was not even remotely the same as you had anticipated.


The prophets of old foretold the coming of both a kingly Messiah and a suffering servant. No one even remotely considered that both could be the same person. Obviously a kingly Messiah is not a suffering servant. One can see that by the reaction of the disciples that they had no idea that their Lord would not be an earthly king. So when their Lord was taken away by the enemy to be crucified they were baffled, broken hearted and destroyed wondering how they could have missed it so badly, and what was He up to anyway?


When the Lord speaks to us He speaks to us symbolically and allegorically by His Spirit andmany times, if we are not careful,  we can carelessly interpret His prophetic revelation to us by figuring it all out our way and by our means.


When we receive a prophetic word from someone we must hold it at “arm’s length” until God Himself confirms it in our hearts. And we must be ready to let Him bring it to pass in Hisway, which most of the time the opposite of how we think the prophecy should come to pass.


Just because a prophetic word is given by a young Christian does not mean that it cannot be from God. He has said in His word that “ a little child shall lead them” Isaiah 11:6. Sometimes when a child does prophetic art in our church my heart leaps with joy, for it is with such simplicity and earnestness.


We have a picture of a spinning fan drawn by a twelve year old. Her words were” we have a picture of a spinning fan and God wants you to “ spin” for Him at all times.”