Do you consider the challenges you face just bread for you to eat, or something that you absolutely cannot swallow?

The children of Israel did not believe they were able to conquer the land that God had promised them. The heathen around the Jewish camp knew very well that the Jewish God was able to rescue His people from their enemies. However, the Jews themselves had no faith that God was able to do the seemingly impossible by delivering them from the giants in the land.

Only Joshua and Caleb, men of a different spirit who obeyed God, were convinced that God’s people could conquer all the enemies in the land God had promised.

How many times has God affirmed us something in His Word and we rationalize it away? We fuss and we cry because we just can’t fathom how God can work it all out. We wonder why it appears that He does not want to give us what He has promised, and certainly not in our time and in the way we want.

We are not the only ones that do this, for the Jews rebelled ten times against the Lord while they were wandering in the wilderness. Maybe when we stop complaining, we would arrive in “our promised land” a lot sooner. Some, I should say most of the Jews never entered their promised land; they decided that God was not able to do the impossible by delivering them from the giant enemies ahead of them. They went back to their old ways of thinking, longing to be in slavery again, the place of the familiar.

There may be giants in your land that seem impossible to conquer. My friend, you do not need to bear the burden of your unbelief, for God can free you from your foes in a flash when you place the burden on His shoulders. His specialty is to make heavy loads as light as a feather.

Have you ever asked yourself why we seemingly cannot enter into our promised land, a land of rest, even though we still have to face the giants?

Could it possibly be because by nature we are a prideful people? We do not know how to trust in a God Who has already won every battle before we even face an attack of any kind.

So today let us humble ourselves before Him and say along with Joshua and Caleb, “…It is a wonderful country ahead, and the Lord loves us. He will bring us safely into the land and give it to us. It is very fertile, a land ‘flowing with milk and honey’! Oh, do not rebel against the Lord, and do not fear the people of the land. For they are but bread for us to eat! The Lord is with us and He has removed His protection from them! Don’t be afraid of them!” Numbers 14:6-9

Here we have a picture of an old boot, DSC00827a place of comfort, and I hear the Lord say, “You must go forward and face your enemies instead of turning back. I will give you the land you are to conquer and possess. Do not be afraid or influenced by what you see in front of you. Leave your familiar place of comfort, for I have a new and exciting land for you. ”








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