Have you ever had a time that you just wanted to take a vacation from life?


To me, that is like saying that you just wanted a vacation from God.


Normally, one cannot separate his life from God. We cannot always pinpoint as to the reasons why we want to detach ourselves from God, but it does not make one feel warm and fussy to walk this path of life feeling alone and isolated with no one to be our Guide.


Sometimes we just need to press through till we are” back on track” and at other times we need to stand in faith believing He is there, watching over us and protecting us, even although we cannot feel Him anywhere around.


I learned a great lesson from the young prophet Elisha, who against all odds pressed through and would not give up until he knew he found who and what he wanted. The prophet Elijah was taking a walk one day and Elisha wanted to follow him. Elijah turned toward Elisha and told him to stay where he was. “ I am not letting you out of my sight.” was the young prophet’s response, but again the older prophet Elijah told him not the follow him any more. Elisha responded the same:” I am not letting you out of my sight”.


After the third attempt by Elisha to follow Elijah, the old prophet took up his mantel and hit the river Jordan with his mantel. The river split wide open and both Elijah and Elisha walked the dry land on the river bottom across the Jordan river. Seeing Elijha’s determination to follow him, Elisha asked the young prophet Elijah “ what can I do before I am taken from you.” the young man asked with a deep passion in his heart if he could have a double portion of the old prophet’s anointing. The condition of that request was that if Elisha got to see the old prophet as he was taken up into heaven his request would be granted.


Sure enough, when the chariots of fire came to take Elisha to heaven he dropped his garment in mid air and Elijah caught the mantel. A double portion of Elisha’s anointing fell on Elijah. The door for Elijah was blocked several times, but he was determined to push through till he received what he came for. The door to Jesus is always wide open, even although it does not always feel like it is.


Many times we feel that He is not even around, or may be, He does not even care. All around us it seems we are groping in the dark as we look for an open door to Jesus or perhaps even a new ministry, perhaps we look for a door to our healing. In our frustration we conclude that the door is closed; yet Jesus wants us to push through and not give up. There will come a time where Jesus will knock down all the walls like he did with the walls of Jericho in Bible times and all we have to do is conquer the land.


Through the process of not giving up hope and despair we grow deeper in becoming who he has called us to be.


Below, we have a picture of a young man who is walking through a jungle, conquering one patch of brush, wasteland and bramble at the time. It looks like he will never get to freedom, but as he has the Holy Spirit to direct him this young man will find freedom at last.