MariettaI was born and reared in Holland where I accepted Jesus as my Savior at a Youth for Christ rally. I immigrated to Canada by myself when I was just seventeen. It was out of desperation rather than good sense. The reason, as you might suspect, was that my childhood and home life were very bad. I was not an easy-to-get-along-with person, tormenting anyone who crossed my path. I guess that’s called a “rebellious teenager.” I hate to say it, but I could not agree more. It was only God’s grace that kept me from taking my own life or badly hurting someone else. The Lord gradually healed most of the wounds inflicted on me through a process of forgiveness and showing me His unfathomable love. This took about ten years of surrendering my will and emotions to Him. My heartfelt blogs are about my various healings, written mostly from the struggles in my youth during war-occupied Holland, as well as my traumatic experiences as a teenager in my own home. I have a team of artists working with me to do spontaneous prophetic art in our church on a weekly basis. We have established several teams all over the world to demonstrate God’s artistry in the same way. Prophetic art also operates beautifully in parks, capitol prayer sessions, or anywhere there are people who long to hear from God in this way, whether they are churched or un-churched; everybody loves it, for it is the heart of God expressed on canvas. My favorite activity is to do watercolors either by commission or just for fun. My desire is to share some of these paintings with you on my website at a fairly low price in comparison with what is for sale on the market.  
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