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Marietta has written two books: Drawn by God and Brushed by God. Drawn by God is a devotional with 52 short chapters. Drawn by God teaches how to start functioning in the gift of prophetic art.

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I was born and reared in Holland where I accepted Jesus as my Savior at a Youth for Christ rally. I immigrated to Canada by myself when I was just seventeen. It was out of desperation rather than good sense.

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Have you ever felt like a barren person not producing much, if any, fruit in God’s Kingdom? I know I have. Sometimes women that cannot bear children feel as though life is empty and barren. If you do not have any spiritual fruit (children) it can be pretty dry--even a...

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Do You Have a Need ro Conquer a situation?

  In Joshua’s day there was a walled city named Jericho to be conquered. It was a powerful city with thick walls and a frightening army of mighty warriors to protect it. Yet… the Lord said to Joshua, “Jericho and its king and its mighty warriors are already...

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The power of His Word

Have you ever seen a group of people who sobbed while the Word was read to them? The people in Ezra’s day requested him to read the Word. He read the Bible from early morning till noon. They paid close attention and stood (the whole time) as Ezra was reading the...

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